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5a : to hold on an operation or carry out a work as a result of, at, in, or alongside the peddler worked the corner a sportscaster hired to work the game

, "A whole new global Strategies Level of competition seeks to radically hasten the reskilling of displaced workers," 26 June 2020 Latest Examples on the net: Adjective Among our Principal messages at the moment all around burnout is getting intentional about the Restoration and the rest and the opportunity to flip items off, change your focus to non-

to carry or set in; increase, merge, or Mix: The tailor worked within the patch skillfully. Work the product to the palms right up until it is totally absorbed.

transform - change the nature, function, or purpose of some thing; "convert guide into gold"; "change motels into jails"; "transform slaves to laborers"

to rearrange a time or work for: The dentist was quite hectic, but stated she would manage to work me in late from the afternoon. They worked him in to the new Procedure.

work - condition, variety, or make improvements to a material; "work stone into tools"; "process iron"; "work the metallic"

Work of the force is the road integral of its scalar tangential element along the path of its software point.

one. a home or setting up, particularly in a manufacturing facility and many others where construction and repairs are completed. werkswinkel مَشْغَل، مَعْمَل работилница oficina dílna die Werkstatt værksted συνεργείοtaller töökoda کارگاه verstas atelier בֵּית מְלַאֲכָה कार्यशाला radionica műhely bengkel verkstæði officina 作業場 작업장 dirbtuvė cehs; darbnīca bengkel atelierverkstedwarsztat كار ځاى، وركشاپ oficina atelier цех dielňa delavnica radionica verkstad ห้องทำงาน atelye 工廠內作業室或修理間 майстерня; affiliate marketing training цех کارخانہ phân xưởng 车间,工作坊

I'm nonetheless working on Mum to lend me the car → Je travaille toujours Maman au corps pour qu'elle me prête la voiture.

Constraints outline the way of motion of the particle by making certain there is absolutely no component of velocity inside the course on the constraint pressure. This also signifies the constraint forces never add towards the instantaneous electric power.

Constraint forces Restrict the movement of parts inside of a procedure, for example constraining an object to the floor (in the situation of a slope plus gravity, the article is stuck towards the slope, when hooked up to some taut string it are not able to go within an outwards route to create the string any 'tauter').

The remaining A part of the above mentioned derivation is simply very simple calculus, exact as in the preceding rectilinear case. Derivation for just a particle in constrained movement[edit]

Contemporary financial idea distinguishes among the various ways to measure the stock of money or money source, mirrored in differing types of financial aggregates, using a categorization procedure that focuses on the liquidity with the fiscal instrument made use of as money. The most often used financial aggregates (or kinds of money) are conventionally designated M1, M2 and M3.

work - arrive at a specific situation as a result of recurring motion; "The stitches of the hem worked free immediately after she wore the skirt persistently"

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